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Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the world. Schools all around the world are facing with the challenges of working with children with autism in mainstream and specialised classroom settings.

Children with autism can be incredibly challenging to teach and hard to manage when they exhibit disruptive behaviour in a classroom. Alternatively, they can also be withdrawn, passive and not motivated to learn or attend to lessons provided. Also, they may not benefit from the many social opportunities provided in a school setting as they fail to interact or socialise with their peers. These problems can often leave teachers feeling frustrated, unprepared and unsure what to do to help the student. Children with autism can, however, overcome these issues with the proper support and training. Autism Partnership UK has created a wealth of options for schools so we can help train up teachers and offer a wide range of support for students that schools may not have the resources to provide.

Our staff have years of experience working within both mainstream and special needs schools in a consultation role to nursery, primary and secondary school classrooms. We can provide short-term consultation or ongoing support for individual children, specific classrooms or entire schools. We emphasise practical, positive and proactive approaches that have proven to be effective in advancing the educational progress of children with autism. We work with school personnel to provide supervision and training in the process of curriculum development and the implementation of behavioural teaching strategies.

Training in schools often includes whole staff training which includes Headteachers, teachers and classroom assistants, even those who are not working in the classrooms we are consulting to. This ensures that the students receive a consistent approach throughout the school day.

First Free Individual Consultation
  1. Discussion of the child's development
  2. Assessment & treatment recommendation
  1. Assistance with Individual Educational Plan development
  2. Development of behaviour plan to include proactive and reactive strategies as required
  3. Regular visits to monitor progress and modify programmes if necessary 4. Regular meetings with teachers and families

Classroom / School Consultation

Our School Consultation focuses on teaching teachers and school personnel to develop educational plans that caters for the different learning needs of children with autism, incorporating the ABA approach.

Our main aim is to train senior staff in the school to be able to train their own staff, making the school independent with its own training programme. Consultation would include input in the following areas:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Comprehensive Behaviour Plans
  • Individualisation of Programming
  • Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Positive Behavioural Support
  • Classroom organisation
  • Data Collection
  • Programme Evaluation

Typically the process begins with Didactic workshops followed by supervised, hands-on training. Once the workshops have been completed, ongoing supervision and classroom consultation are provided to facilitate continued support and training for teachers in classrooms.

For more information contact our office: info@autismpartnership.co.ukor 0113 2509275.

Individual Student Consultation

If you have a student with autism you feel would benefit from a systematic behavioural approach, do not hesitate to direct families to us! We will meet with the family to discuss the difficulties the child is having and recommend service options accordingly.

Our supervisors are available to work with the existing supports in school to help come up with a behaviour plan & learning/ integration programme that caters for the specific learning needs of the child for teachers/teaching assistants in school to implement. If additional one to one teaching was recommended, this would be discussed with the family and teachers. Our extensively trained staff will regularly visit the school and modify programmes to ensure that the child's progress is maximised. They will also assist and model implementation whenever necessary. Only with the collaboration among teachers, supervisors, and families, can we help the child to maximise his/her potential.

First Free Individual Consultation
  1. Discussion of the child's development
  2. Assessment & treatment recommendations
  1. Development of a behaviour plan to include proactive and reactive strategies
  2. Development of an individualised curriculum to teach additional skills
  3. Assistance with Individual Educational Plan development Regular visits to monitor progress and modify programmes
  4. Regular meetings with teachers and families