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Zahira Ali MSc, BCBA -  Site Director
Zahira Ali holds a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences, and a Master’s degree in Neuroscience.  She first started working as a therapist with children with ASD/ASC in 1998, after which she joined Autism Partnership (Hong Kong) in 1999.  She has since accrued extensive experience under the tutelage of Dr. Ron Leaf, Dr. John McEachin & Dr. Mitch Taubman in developing Applied Behaviour Analysis programs for individuals in home/centre-based, school & community settings.  She has conducted training workshops/seminars in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Siberia, Kuwait & the UK, and has provided consultation services to families in Indonesia, France and the UK.  She is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and is currently the site director of the UK centre since December 2013.



Katrina Dalton - Operations Manager
Katrina has worked for Autism Partnership since 2005 and is responsible for business planning, finance, client enquiries and intake, HR, scheduling and client liaison for UK operations. She is based at our centre in Leeds.


Donna Benton Msc - Regional Coordinator - London
Donna Benton holds a Masters degree in Applied Behavioural Analysis.  She has been working in the field of autism and ABA since 1999. Donna completed a 15-month internship at the Autism Partnership Clinic in Seal Beach, California. She serves as the Regional Coordinator for the greater London area, where she also consults to several Local Authority run school programmes, provides training and support in implementing group ABA teaching in classroom settings, runs a group instructional programme and provides consultation for international families.

  Programme Supervisors
Helen Barley, MSc - Programme Supervisor
Helen Barley attained her first degree in Cognitive Science at the University of Leeds. She then completed a MSc degree in Applied Behavioural Sciences in 2001. Ms. Barley first started working as a therapist with children with autism in 2000, after which she subsequently joined Autism Partnership. She has since accrued extensive experience implementing and developing ABA programmes within home and school environments, in 1:1 and group formats. She is now responsible for case supervision and staff training in Yorkshire.
Elizabeth Veeren, MSc - Programme Supervisor Elizabeth Thompson is a graduate of Nottingham Trent University with a B.A. Honours degree in Social Sciences (recognised by BPS) and holds a Masters Degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis from St. Cloud State University. She has been working with children with autism in the field of ABA since 1998. Elizabeth completed an 18-month internship at the Autism Partnership Clinic in Seal Beach California in 2004. She currently serves as a Programme Supervisor in the Yorkshire / Derbyshire area and is responsible for parent training, case supervision and staff training.
Rachel Charles, Bsc - Programme Supervisor Rachel graduated from Huddersfield University in 2005 with a degree in Psychology then worked as an Assistant Clinical child Psychologist within the NHS and private sector. She joined Autism Partnership in 2011 as a Therapist and has since gained extensive experience implementing programmes both in the Therapy Centre and school setting. She now is responsable for case Supervision and staff training in Yorkshire.
Claire King, Bsc - Programme Supervisor
Staff Training

All our staff maintain current knowledge and high-level expertise through Autism Partnership UK's commitment to ongoing training. We ensure our skills and techniques are the most current and effective possible. Our staff provide professional knowledge and expertise, delivered with a sensitivity to the issues a family may encounter when raising a child with autism.

Initial Intensive Training
Intensive training is provided for all new staff when they begin working for Autism Partnership UK. This training is provided in the form of both didactic and practical hands on sessions.

Ongoing Training
All staff are required to attend in-service training throughout the year to further enhance their knowledge. These in-service sessions involve lectures, reviews of case studies and research, small group discussion and role-play, and are both didactic and practical. Training workshops are also provided throughout the year on various topics. All staff have individual training objectives which are set with the supervisory team and are addressed during individual training sessions throughout the year.